Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WHAT’s Da CatcH.

A dude called Horace once said that you need to Carpe Diem. Apart from sounding really scholarly, practioners and procrastinators attest that there could be some semblance of truth in what he said. But sometimes we are just too happy to become comfortably numb to our mundane existence. We waste the winters in, well, wasteful activities and ruin the summers frolicking and listening to Pink Floyd.
“Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them.” ---- on Major Major, with whom it had been all three.
Okay, I confess I have been harsh here. I have no right to generalize my way life for everyone of my noble readers and voters . Because honestly, I have no idea what you did last summer. This is not because I don’t care for or respect you, my dear reader and voter. If there is anything that even a thankless brute of genius like me values, its fellow renegades like you, my dear reader and voter. And also votes. And comments. As a matter of fact I also value money, ice cream, football, foosball and deodorants. But that is not the point. The point is that I value you. And votes. And if there is any reason I don’t remember what you did last summer it is just that my mind and consequently my power of recollection atrophies and hibernates in winters.

And stays that way during the rest of the year.

Digressing a bit from our philosophical ruminations, I must bring to the attention of my dear reader and voter (I shall herewith use only “voter” to imply “reader and voter” to reduce the length of this post *) to the really witty way in which I opened this post. I have cleverly encompassed all topics that we were given the choice to write on, thereby proving effectively my command over the concept of blogging and comment earning. Not that I harbour any doubt whatsoever that you could have missed such a legendary legerdemain but there are chances, howsoever small, that unseasoned voters* (unseasoned to my blog) could misunderstand the nuances of my avant-garde style of writing as insane ramblings. Although pretty much it’s the same thing but a nuance still exists.
I know you are desperate for me to illuminate and enlighten you from the tome of my erudite Weltanschauung. And I won’t test your patience. A thing, you, my dear voter*, should always remember is that to understand what great writers write, you must be clear about their way and style of writing. As an example, notice my style of prose at places where I have highlighted, italicized and underlined it. Alliteration (as it appears in” legendary legerdemain” )and command over English vocabulary (as can be seen in usage of “avant-garde”) are just some of the styles that give you, dear voter*, a sneak peek into my psyche. And that will help you understand and profit from my philosophy more comprehensively.
My philosophy is that you don’t need to Carpe Diem. Rather you should lead the lead the remaining of your limited life at your own pace. In fact the slower the better. Live your life in the present and for a better tomorrow all you need to do is believe that tomorrow never comes. I believe you should not worry about mediocrity, mundaneness or being numb to everything, comfortably or otherwise.

I end this post here somewhat abruptly because I don’t feel like writing any more. In case you want to know more about philosophy I will refer to you this book called catch 22 and another book called Bhagvad Gita. They are a pretty decent read for humans.

And probably Gods too.

“You know, that might be the answer - to act boastfully about something we ought to be ashamed of. That's a trick that never seems to fail.”
----Colonel Korn to Colonel Cathcart

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  1. The book,itself,is not an instant classic.It requires a stomach to go through.I gave up on the first attempt,lost in the names,nonsense and bewilderment.Wanted it to end soon the second time but lost my copy immediately.But seems this time, i would make it through the e-book.Kind of a thing that gets better with every read.Same with your post!!

  2. Screw you. Voting requires that I register on their site.

  3. This is the most legendary post I've ever read! But I'm too lazy to vote da...